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Sun Heavylift Sdn. Bhd. Is one of the main distributor for KISWIRE Malaysia & KISWIRE KOREA. We provide clamping and load test services since 1997. As years past by, our business has been expand towards fabrication of wire rope, chain and also spooling services.

We also is a stockist which supplied rigging gear for “ONE STOP SOLUTION SUPPLY”. With all the facilities and services, we had built our reputation in Construction Sector, Marine Offshore, Port Services and also the Oil & Gas Industry.

Our company principals are provide value added services to meet the customer requirement with efficient supplies and exceed the expectation of deliveries. Our company has proven in this Global Market with our strong mentality work face to meet our client demand and the quality of our product.

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Our Profile

“The pursuit of success is not the path to happiness. Thesecret to achieving success is to be happy. You will be successful if you are passionate about what you are doing.”

The first thing you must remember is that in order to establish a company, you must be completely committed to what you are doing. Sun Heavylift Sdn Bhd has been involved in the lifting industry since 1997 when it began as a supplier of lifting equipment to the industry. We didn't waste any time in moving forward to the next year and recruiting experienced staff, which enabled us to provide maintenance services for our customers' equipment and machines, particularly cranes. Sun Heavylift Sdn Bhd, with its wealth of experience and bright employees, is expanding its expertise into the provision of Certificates for lifting equipment/machines, which will ensure the safety of our customers and their property. Finally, because there is so much potential for growth in the business, I hope that Malaysia would acknowledge Sun Heavylift Sdn Bhd as the top supplier and service provider in the lifting industry.

"Every difficulty is a blessing." We wouldn't be able to grow if we didn't have issues."

Managing a business entails a great deal of responsibility since many difficulties will inevitably arise, which you must resolve as efficiently as possible for both your company and your employees. The financial condition of the company plays a critical role in keeping it strong and relevant in the future. For that, we understand and will do all possible to prevent our customers from suffering significant losses. Put your faith in us, and we'll provide you with the best service you've ever experienced.


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